Sunday, April 5, 2009


Gotta job yet?

March 12

I am so freakin' sick of people asking me about the job search. Yes, I understand that people are simply trying to take an interest, but their pathetic attempts to relate to me during my job search are even more frustrating than their half-hearted attempts while I was working.

The following exchange happened last week.

I answer the phone: "Hello?"

Someone on the other end of the phone. My beau's mom. "Hi there. How's it going?"

"Good. What's new?" I ask.

"Not much. What's new with you?"

"Not much." I respond.

Then she asks: "Got a job yet?"

Notice that she has already asked me "How's it going?" and "What's new?" For someone who has been unemployed for a few months, you would figure a job might be considered a positive event... even something "new".

The problem with looking for work is you learn not to mention interviews to people until the entire interview process is completed. If you do mention that you have an interview coming up, you start realizing that interviews are pretty important, but they don't pay. Then people ask how the interview went, usually the day after when you're busy praying that you either do get a job offer or don't ever hear from the potential employer again.

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