Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey man, not my fault.

Have you noticed how everyone blames society, the system, the bastards in politics... someone else for their own short comings. Funny how when people are looking to place blame, they never look in the mirror.

Funny thing about blame. For the most part, people can do without blame. People should be able to just go with "what is, is, what happened, happened, and it's all in the freakin' past so who cares?"

Bad shit happens every day man. And yeah, sometimes it happens to be someone's "fault".

But a lot of the stuff is just a numbers game. There's some reward in being best, but there's also some reward in being second best. Fourteenth best. Even right smack dab in the middle of the pack.

There's this sense of entitlement that seems to be pervading society. Okay... let's be real. I just assume the people who are doing better than me aren't sitting there thinking "gee, I'm doing a lot better than I ever thought I would... I wonder what I ever did to deserve this."

Oh sure, a lot of people at the top can be pretty humble about being right place, right time. They give credit to those who supported them. But the further down the scale you go, the less credit people tend to spread around.

The way I see it, I've gotten a few breaks, and I done good. But hell, I gotta get some of this blame shit outta my system if I'm gonna get past where I am right now. I'm spending so much freakin' time trying to figure out whose fault everything is, that I can't get back around to lookin' at where I go from here.

Sure, blame may seem like the obvious "this is why things are not going according to plan" answer. I'm starting, however, to suspect that finding the problem, the glitch, the "if only" (in other words, something/one to point my finger at) that I can just remove that element from the equation and repeat, and all will be fine.

Life is way more complex than that. And anyway, you can never really do a do-over anyway.

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