Sunday, April 5, 2009


...and some rules are made to be broken...

Until today, the rules of this section of my site were very simple.

Whatever went up stayed up.

Things were posted sequentially, with the newest stuff at the top.

While minor changes to content could be made over time (after editing and reflection), nothing would be taken down. I would need to live with regrets.

Screw that. I posted something about 4 days ago... a few days before I jumped out of a plane. The thoughts popped into my head while in the shower, and so I drafted it up and posted it in haste.

Now I've discovered the topic is just way to synchronous with other crap going on in friends' lives to leave it up. I don't want them to think it's remotely related, so down it comes. It'll go back up (before ROBSE) in a few months.

If yer curious, lemme know and I'll send you a copy. Whatever you think, it ain't about you.

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