Sunday, April 5, 2009


This could be the something I've been waiting to find...

Holy crap... this is going to be big.

Bigger than anything I ever imagined or wished or dreamed. This is the hour after moment of conception of an idea, where everything seems possible and the whole world is lying open in front of me.

This is not going to make money. But it's not remotely about money. It's about change, and — if I don't fuck it up — the whole world is going to change. Literally.

They way we look at the world. The way people think and feel. What they do with those moments of quiet. How they pursue their moments of peace. The differences between faiths could melt away.

If this works the way I believe it will, people are going to re-evaluate what's really important to themselves and to the world around them. They'll discover the power each person has within themselves, and they will harness it for a combined strength.

We have to start slowly. Little baby steps. Not take on too much at once. We have to be realisitc about the changes that can be made, and the impact that a few strong thinkers will make.

We need to build confidence in the group. We need to balance the concept of "reality" with that is really about to happen. We need to ensure the nay-sayers don't destroy the potential of this idea.

Research to back it up? I've been subconcsiously collecting it almost all my life. I can think of a wide range of places I can source information from to build the framework. I'm sure the idea has been conceived of in the past. In fact, heck, it's been scientifically studied on many occassions with results that are quite compelling. Those studies were just the tip of the iceberg. It's been informal all this time, and I'm sure there are some that are doing this right now.

But the others? Those on the fringes of faith? They can be turned to consider this. Heck, those of faith can be pulled into the fold, contribute their own power, and we will affect change.

Delusions of grandeur? Say what you will, but this is not about me. I am merely the conduit through which this will come into being. Just one of many. This is just the start. I cannot do this on my own, and surely those will realise this is not about me. It's not about any individual. It may be about fulfilling individual desires and goals, but the ability to do so will be in all of our hands.

This is the moment where all seems possible. Faith is not an issue because there is no faith involved. There are just facts and science and results to come. The truth will be in the testing.

Later, in the depths of creation, all these dreams might fall apart, and this grandiose idea may be something to be brought to fruition by another. But for this one slice of moment, just believe along with me.

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