Sunday, April 5, 2009

rem re-runs

can my subconscious not make an effort once in a while?

two dreams, one night, same imagery

Dream one

Scenario: mid-day to early afternoon in the countryside north of Oakville.

Driving in the car along a back road. Someone is with me. Not sure who. The paved back road reaches an intersection, with paved roads heading off to the right and left, and the road straight ahead turning to packed dirt. We stop at the intersection, and I consider turning left.

Instead I continue to drive along the dirt road trying to remember if it comes to a dead end when it reaches the 407. There are pot holes and washboarding on the road -- very much dirt, not stone.

A pickup truck passes me travelling the other way.

I am having trouble maintaining speed in the car... The accelleration keeps dropping. I'm pushing the engine to keep the speed up, but it's labouring. I start alternately pumping the brake and gas as if pedaling a bicycle. Instead of the speedometer showing the speed, it displays " M " (Manual?)

We approach a steep hill in the road. It stretches high in front of me. There is construction being done on the road, but the construction strikes me in memory now as being on the small scale - like the Doozers from Fraggle Rock. Although the road goes straight uphill, trees and traffic-calming dividers are being added to the road to necessitate weaving up the steep incline.

I can't remember if we started up the hill.


Dream two

At my grandmother's place, but not my grandmother's place -- much larger property, with an additional freestanding warehouse-like structure for the garage. Recall windows all around (the structure reminds me of a smaller version of the Tip Top building prior to its conversion to condos.)

You can see piles of fabric and papers and crap in the windows of the second and third floors. I realise there is much more contents in the building than originally thought... a whole additional level.

cut to:

We are heading from an event. Not sure who is with me (again). A friend -- could be Trent. I am driving on an errand from the place. The area reminds me of Waterdown, including the Waterdown hill... lots of wide-open spaces, fields, old buildings. I can see a few homes decorated for Halloween. One property has two highly arching trees with few branches and no leaves, and each terminating at the top bent toward one another. Like two high arching pointed telephone poles. At the pinnacle are two huge jack-o-lanterns hanging, pre-lit and ready. I wonder how the owners placed the lanterns so far up, and how they would light them.

I recall going down the hill during the daytime. We then are returning to the place after dark. We head up a long straight incline. There are cars behind me. Lots of traffic on the road. I am having trouble getting the car up the hill... I need to keep my foot on the accellerator to avoid rolling back into the cars behind me.

There are security guards that are stopping traffic at the top of the hill. I receive an announcement - on the car display. They are aware that we picked up two t-shirts that we should have paid for. I recall my friend and I decided to take the shirts as they were left over at the end of the event.

The security people say they have video evidence from May 2 and May 5th.

Traffic is packed in behind us. The car will roll if I take my foot off the gas pedal. Silhouettes of two people await at the top of the hill. Traffic in the opposite direction bears down. I realise that there is no escape, that I have to continue trying to get the car up to the top of the hill, even though I fear the fate waiting for us at the top.

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