Sunday, April 5, 2009


Everything old is new again...

"The keynote here is receiving: messages, signals, gifts."

A long while ago I received a piece of mahogany from my mother.

She'd rescued the mahogany from a shipping crate that wound up at the dump near the cottage. Too good to be buried with waste.

I asked for the wood to make myself some runes. I thought they would have more strength if I crafted them with my own hands. They would be more in tune to me. And from practicality purposes, crafting runes would not be as labour intensive or daunting as creating my own tarot deck.

I purchased a set of stones around the same time, and goodness knows whatever happened to the stones, but the book that came with them has been with me since I carved those stones. The mahogany was carved into 25 identical pieces, and each then carved with the symbols.

A larger piece of mahogany was left over. From this, I decided to create an amulet for myself. Carved and sanded down by hand, I carefully selected the one symbol of 24 that would serve my purposes best. An indent was made in the top for a simple metal loop, constructed from coat hanger wire (of all things). A twisted piece of cord served as the necklace. Wore it once in a while, but it was too light, and I was afraid of losing it


Ran across the same symbolism in a comic I recently picked up. I was digging the synchronicity, and so went to grab my long neglected Book of Runes and necklace to confirm my recollection was correct.

So I picked up the book and it fell open at a page that refered to the the wrong name.

I think that's the real message I was supposed to find behind everything today. Although I relish finding typos and errors (not that you could tell from this section of my web site), I sometimes forget that people are fallible even when they throw every ounce of their effort at something.

No matter how hard you try to be perfect, shit still happens.

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